Hi, Justin Sun (and Tron). It’s me, Responsibility

Dear Justin,

You matter. That’s why I’m writing to you.

We’ve met and likely will know each other for the long haul. But, in the time we have had, I’ve come to believe we’re both hardworking individuals, which means we both likely understand stress. And I bet we both can agree that a lot of people enjoy dealing with stress in fun ways like getting close to other people, breathing heavily, and bending their bodies into weird positions.

But, enough about yoga.

It’s porn we need to talk about.

Specifically, can we chat for a second about your now really famous Tweet announcing Tron being accepted as a form of payment on PornHub? The tweet you’ve since edited because it was too dirty for many to accept as the quick in-and-out joke you intended? I got it. I smirked. I moved on. But, as you quickly discovered, many – from investors to interested onlookers to media headline writers – became fixated.

Look, you and I understand that one small sex joke isn’t going to ruin things. But, this incident serves as a tapping of the microphone to test whether it is on. And, guess what, not only is it on, but it is super turned up. Everyone is watching every word and action. That happens when you launch a new blockchain, poke at industry giants, and make a nine-figure purchase of one of the world’s most recognizable file-sharing products to boost your own.

That’s what happens when – at 26 – you’ve been pegged as the Millennial Jack Ma.

You matter, Justin.

That means your words matter, and you have earned the heavy responsibility of having to know when some things are better left unsaid. Of course, that’s extremely easy to say when I’m not tempted by the same level of popularity and influence that you have, but hear me out.

You’re young, charismatic, visionary, and driven, and you are in a situation not often seen by anyone because you have a tangible product that – even in its infancy – is showing (proving?) multi-generational potential. And, despite its youth, TRON’s reach already has a worldwide audience.

Such a varied audience leads to marketing challenges, but what the audience does know, collectively, is that if TRON is going to live up to such lofty ideals like dethroning current crypto leaders and decentralizing the web, then TRON needs to act like it is mature enough to lead such a charge.

Make the deals you need to make. Let them stand on their own.

You have enough branding happening – think about the steps you took before this to create the kind of image that led entities like Charity Compassion Coin to want to use your platform and Cardano wanting to work with you. And, think about the long list of respected developers who are clamoring to be among the first Super Representatives. They are here because they respect your vision and product.

That respect shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In the end, Justin, no harm, no foul. Could have been worse. Strive to be better each day.

Yours as long as you’ll have me,



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