No, Tron isn’t going all in on #pr0n

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to PornHub. Or, in this case, raise BOTH hands, where we can all see them, thank you very much.

Now, nod your head if you’re into … Tron.

Okay, stop nodding. Keep your hands somewhere on a table in front of everyone, and listen …

There was a lot of hand-wringing and posturing after it was announced that PornHub will begin accepting Tron as a payment option. If we’re being honest here, my flash reaction was split three ways:

A) Uh, who actually pays for porn?

B) Hardly anyone pays for it — even if they really want that classic Kim Kardashian boot(y)leg file for their own — because they don’t want their credit card statement showing such things. It’s a privacy concern, not a moral dilemma.

C) Hey, American Purist complainer, of course you haven’t, but I’ll ask anyways: Have you ever WATCHED a Chinese game show? It’s weird, exciting, and usually barely clothed — leaving you with a good story for friends and a slight walk of shame from your recliner to the fridge… usually in reverse order.

And that was just my immediate takeaway from reading the Tron news.

The real conversation is deeper than that (if you don’t like all the innuendos with this specific post, you may as well pull out early and stop reading now.), of course, and it pointed out a couple of other things for me that I think could be kept in mind for the future.

1. Some of the backlash had to do with the recent sticky memory of watching Verge also dive into payment acceptance with PornHub. That’s understandable, I suppose, but I think most of the discomfort comes from not fully understanding what partner means in this case. In the link above, PornHub itself is reluctant to be go all-in with Verge – citing volatile crypto prices. Logically, one would think, or I do anyways, that same reservation is being felt with other cryptos as well. Still, the allure of increased anonymity leading to more currency spent – in any form – is too appealing for the company to ignore. (Think of it like Julia Roberts not allowing Richard Gere to kiss her on the mouth because “too personal.” But hey, we’ll take that coin just in case..)

2. Tron wants to be the block chain of choice for ENTERTAINMENT. Just because you might not be into one-legged guys standing on their heads while attempting one of the Kama Sutra’s back page’s illustrations, guaranteed someone else is. And, they want to see it on their device. And, they may even want to pay for it. Exotic has a market, even in the clean sense. Don’t think so? Thumb through your provider’s guide and see how often shows run featuring “Little People: Name the City”, or fat people, or giant people, or hoarders, or overeaters, or people addicted to plastic surgery. Everybody has a something they like to watch (or play, for you gamers). ALL of it falls under entertainment, which, if decentralizing the Web is Tron’s soul, then the entertainment industry, and all that comes with it, is its stated heartbeat. And, while you may have some comfort level questions about what that entails, your investment dollar doesn’t, which leads to …

3. Finally, while Tron investors have bought in on the “for all” idealism and subsequent future growth that Justin Sun loves to promote, many of them are the same investors who daily scream about Tron not taking them to the moon. You can’t have it both ways, friends. Without development AND demand for the token, your moon ship won’t make it off the launch pad. For those who look down on porn but also love money, think of it this way: the best homes also have the best-run septic systems. You never hear, see, smell, touch, or taste the stuff under your house (unless you’re into that…), but you certainly love living there.

So, let this partnership do what it is going to do, and be rest assured that porn isn’t an end game for Tron. It’s just low-hanging fruit to be used as low-grade but dependable fuel for the machine.


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