Tron: This week in know-it-all investors and agenda-holding SR candidates

It’s hard to say which is rising faster lately – the number of daily transactions Tron can now handle, the number of daily stories lately all singing Tron’s praises …

– … or, the number of people on crypto Twitter who generally feel like they could run Tron better than Justin Sun at this point.

– Anything that runs as smoothly as Tron’s production schedule in its first year is not an accident, nor is it as easy as it appears.

– It does appear, however, that the fourth quarter of this year could be really, really fun for Tron supporters.

– I don’t know specifics. I do know that foundational, FUNCTIONAL layers continue to be built without controversy.

– Know who else knows that?

– DApp developers.

– Lots of DApp developers.

– I’ve learned that a key to large-scale success is pooling as much talent in one place and letting that talent do its creative thing.

– Tron’s scope has become so massive, and there has been so much news about where and how Tron is being implemented, that it’s easy to forget about Tron’s growing blockchain capability — the DApps part, or the music part, or the accepted payment part.

– Developers from all walks of techie life will congregate in one place and find benefit in working on this new, massively effective, friendly, economical platform.

– It’s all “Tron.”

– That’s what people who are stuck freaking out every day about TRX values, and who aren’t day-traders, should try to remember.

– The more Tron ingratiates itself into the fabric of daily life – be it through gaming, entertainment, e-commerce, general payment options, etc. – the more value it will achieve. Period.

– Of course, the smooth transactional stuff (and everything else, basically) falls on the Super Representatives.

– And boy, has there been chatter about that group lately.

– It would behoove those entities aspiring to be an SR to be mindful of consequences in attacking others.

– The Tron community is not particularly large, and it is super observant.

– It values competitiveness, just like it does transparency.

– For example, it is not transparent to publicly question the integrity of a current SR when you fully intend later, like a few days later, to announce you’re running for SR.

– Feels pretty underhanded, mate.

– In any case, it’s a great thing that the community continues to watch and learn on the fly as the entire industry continues to evolve.

– As that continues to happen, it will become paramount that the companies, including Tron, go out of their way to educate their audiences about things like, say …

– Coin burns. (And their role when the coin isn’t the main focus.)

– Or …

– I know the number of accounts is something Tron likes to throw out there as a sign of growth, and I get that. However, when someone tipped me using @goseedit, a new Tron wallet was created for me. I had that tip forwarded to my original account. Both accounts remain on Tronscan.

– If both accounts are counted on Tronscan, and I assume they are, then the total number of accounts can’t be viewed as unique accounts, it’s simply a total number of accounts.

– Unless I’m missing something, that sort of dims the excitement around the accounts total, doesn’t it?


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