Will TronWallet’s Klever live up to its name?

So, I took a hiatus from posting on the blog here because … well … it felt prudent to do so.

The cryptocurrency space – always ready for a wild time, in general – proved itself to be a little too easy to influence. I mean, it’s hard not to laugh a bit in looking back at the most recent posts on this page.

Just 18-24 months ago, all it took to make legitimate noise about Tron and its users — enough to get picked up by several crypto media outlets — was a really small group of random guys with Twitter accounts and time on their hands. Don’t get me wrong – it was fun and cool, maybe even a little intoxicating. But, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it shouldn’t have been that easy. Not when – at the exact same time – the entire industry was fighting for legitimacy and respect with federal governments, exchanges, and, most importantly to me, the general public.

In any case, things evolved quickly after that – something akin to a frat party suddenly being asked to serve as a high-level think tank. And that’s when it hit me that I no longer had any business doing what I was doing. It’s one thing to parade down social media’s central streets with friends – it’s another to position yourself as an industry heavy hitter when you aren’t prepared to be one, even if others are asking you to do so. We accomplished what we had set out to do in drawing some attention to Tron, and that was that.

That said, I look back at that run fondly. I walked into the crypto space simply wanting to get educated about it, and it turned into a very cool experience that continues to pay dividends like introducing me to Misha Lederman (Twitter).

Since I had the pleasure of being introduced to Misha virtually on a call many months ago, I have been drawn to his passion for the crypto space and his desire for a truly decentralized structure. I’ve watched his rise in stature through speaking and engagements. I’ve paid casual and, at times, close attention to projects he’s connected with. (Amazingly, pure dumpster fires like Reyna didn’t meet his standard… weird.)

Of late, Misha’s project path has again crossed my own interest path with TronWallet, which will soon officially make the move to Klever.

This is where I full-on admit I have followed TronWallet (and held TWX) since I began my crypto journey, and I continue to be in support of what they do and apparently are ready to do in the future. Why?

They have consistently committed to solving what I believe are the two largest roadblocks to mass adoption: security and user experience. I say that as someone who has, as I fumbled forward in my education – had funds stolen in the past and also lost funds because I selected the wrong currency to be transferred in a transaction.

Klever, due to be publicly available in August 2020, states in its whitepaper these challenges as the focus for their entire project. Pretty heady stuff when you consider how many projects have boldly claimed the same thing only to fall far short of solving one or both of them.

As the paper asks:

“Wouldn’t it be great if users could be able to sell and buy crypto, play games and utilize decentralized finance solutions, make travel bookings and do shopping online, all in a seamless and secure manner with full anonymity and protected privacy?”

In short, yes. Of course, it would.

And, I’ll be watching with great interest whether Klever can live up to its name and make all of those things a reality.