“Why do you believe in Klever/KLV?”

At risk of sounding like a broken record, Klever has been busy lately.

The much-anticipated KFI governance token mining event proved to be more engaging and successful than anticipated – collecting 629,301,094 KLV from holders. That amount – worth between $70-71 million (USD) as of March 25 – then was burned on Friday.

Those milestone events didn’t include another recent exchange listing, an updated roadmap, or continued chatter about next month’s public release of Klever Exchange.

Frankly, it’s hard – and even a little overwhelming at times – to keep up on everything happening in and around Klever right now. And, with so many different pieces to focus on at this point, it made me wonder what it is, specifically, that draws people to Klever at this point.

So, I posed the question on Twitter: “Why do you believe in @klever_io?”

Analyzed every word from every reply I received, the word cloud (see illustration) I created provides an immediate visual representation of the words respondents most often used. (The size of the words is directly proportional to the frequency used, with the largest words used most often.)

The word that stuck out the most: Community. After that, you see “future, team, map, reliable, good, freedom, people, financial, ecosystem” and more. Grouped, replies seemed to most often fill idea buckets centered largely on community, financial freedom, and the Klever team itself.

For me, there are a couple of points to consider in reflecting on that data set:

1, It is abundantly clear this feedback mirrors much of the same core messaging from Klever itself. So, it could be that, frankly, Klever’s communications efforts have been extremely successful in ingraining key messages so deeply that they now have become repeated mantras in the (growing) public sphere.

Or …

2. The company has provided an experience that spurred those sentiments among respondents.

Either way, it appears Klever has been successful to this point in communicating what it is, what it aims to be, and what it wants users to experience now and forward. From a communications and marketing standpoint, it’s a good place to be.

On that note, let’s have the comments speak for themselves in answering: “Why do you believe in Klever?” (Comments below are presented in original form, unedited.)

… #Klever has one of the best team and community that listens to each other to grow organically.” @cryptofated

It has more tech than 95% of other tokens. It is a complete very well thought project. The people standing behind it are super skilled, have high morals and good intentions.” @raja_khouri

I want to be a part of changing the future of crypto. So, I invested in $KLV with confidence and I will stand until the end.” – @kanimazn

I already made more money with #KLV than any other hodling.” – @Anton_TII

I believe in #Klever because has hanged life stories, has given opportunities to the excluded, and taught that we are the ones who determine our limits.” – @dluks82

The people, the team, the vision, the product, the commitment, the community.” – @letorresmeza

The guy I bought carpet from in December (@SamTheCarpetMan) became Facebook friends and I saw him constantly post about klever, so I started following it. I watched it thru January and February and then bought in March. Sam has really helped me, as this was my first crypto purchase.” – @brent_mcdougle

Because klever is a good project, always doing the right process, according to the plan, on schedule.” – @crt_qa

Working and easy to use Product and Has an ambitious road map.” – @BTC_Upload

Curtis entered the crypto space as a blockchain and crypto enthusiast in 2017. In addition to those things, he currently serves on the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) AI Ethics Task Force – a group dedicated to guiding associations on ethical standards and practices for implementing AI. He holds KLV in his portfolio and does not provide financial nor investment advice.