It’s good to be back

It’s been awhile since this site was active. A long while.

It’s hard to say exactly how much personal change I’ve undergone since the last time I posted to this URL more than three years ago, but it’s safe to say I’m for the better. I’ve become a husband and first-time father to an amazing little girl in the last year. The Kansas City Royals became a model franchise and World Series champion. The Kansas City Chiefs won a playoff game.

The beer selection in and around Kansas City has grown from a perfectly hot, dirty little secret in our little part of the world to a full-blown, second-to-none ale mecca. The city itself continues to expand its cultural and technological footprint. I continue to expand my love for living here.

I’ve also grown to love and become an advocate for content marketing, influencer marketing, and social media marketing. I owe 100 percent of that development to you, my readers, as you showed me a long time ago how amazingly fast a brand can grow when spread by word and little else. With that, I’ve begun hanging around the Social Media Club of Kansas City – a very awesome group of talented social media professionals that I highly recommend. I’ve also taken an exciting, active role with the Kansas City Society of Association Executives and joined the American Society of Association Executives as I grow in my association management journey.

However, not everything is different. I still hold a special place in my heart this time of summer when thinking of Manhattan, Kansas, and the Kansas State University campus coming to life just ahead of another year of athletics. And, the Big 12 still needs true leadership – so, at least that’s familiar.

In any case, this blog, more than it ever did in the past, will be dedicated to my wider range of interests. Sports, fatherhood, content marketing, beer, Kansas City – my city; all of it is on the table this go-round. My hope is that you’ll enjoy reading and walking with me through these things as much as I enjoy sharing and writing about them.

So, here we go, and …

Let’s go, Royals.