Cause of death: Twitter Bull Run; The deceased: The ICO Journal

Over the past five years, Twitter really hasn’t changed much in the way people use it. Sure, communities are better defined (because we all now know how to hashtag), and there is never a shortage of anonymous tough guys and girls (because…yeah). But, all in all, the platform really hasn’t offered anything new or shocking.


Even as someone who has served professionally in public relations, marketing, communications, and full-time media roles, it blows my mind, more now than ever, when a brand proves it has zero clue how to use Twitter (or social media in general).

The latest regrettable* example: The ICO Journal.

*Regrettable only because it was wholly preventable. Then again, ol’ Chuck Darwin has an award named after him for a reason. And, at some point, it just gets hard to feel bad for uncoordinated folks who believe they can outmaneuver raging bulls.

So, what caused all of this?

On Tuesday, over several hours, The ICO Journal’s Twitter controller cannonballed like a champ into a shallow pool and hit his or her ass flat on the bottom – from both a journalistic and social media management view point – beginning with this:

Several followers who didn’t appreciate the “dummy” label soon chimed in, and that number grew to many in short order. Meanwhile, the Journal account didn’t seem to mind the new attention, doubling down on that comment with other colorful adjectives to describe Tron enthusiasts they find to be offensive:

It continued, but really, what’s the point in a play-by-play at this stage. It comes down to this: nobody likes a self-important, condescending jerk – especially when there isn’t a good reason for it. And, the result (as of this writing) was a Tron-crowd-led bull run over the account and decrease in about 300 followers.

Earlier, I said this was all wrong from two points of view: journalistic and social media management. Let’s chat about those.

The tweet that began the entire fiasco – even prior to calling out Tron fans – was actually a retweet from a known Tron antagonist (I just joined the crypto community in April, and I’ve already seen the originator blocked by several others) who wanted to peddle a conspiracy theory as hot news and found a willing audience in the ICO Journal account manager.

Instead of (at the very least) vetting the information source and (at least pretending to try) finding more information, the IOC Journal posted it as a “maybe/might have/if/could be possible” rumor.

That flies under my personal level of comfort if I’m running a branded media account. Then again, they all have different standards, you know, like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman – who would do everything but kiss on the mouth.

However … then it got Richard-Gere-just-called-you-a-whore ugly.

Immediately, instead of promising to dig more or work to validate the claim, the account then turned the burden of proof on the public and chose to believe that because nobody would play their game and answer with hard evidence that their conspiracy wasn’t true, then it must be a real something.

(Never mind you spent most of the afternoon rolling around in an unnecessary wrestling match while the entire crypto world had its best day in months. Silly.)

Oy vey.

Look, account person, the public isn’t the media. It isn’t the public’s job to do your job. If you believe there is a question to be answered, a case to be solved, etc., it’s on you. Otherwise, you’re lazy and doing a disservice to your brand and the beat you cover. Or, you’re just gossip.

I don’t think that’s what you’re after, ICO Journal, so do better. Your shrinking audience deserves the best effort you can give.

As for the social media management side, everyone wants to be the master snark these days, don’t they? I hate to break it to you, but not everybody is Wendy’s Twitter. From what I’ve watched, you certainly aren’t, so maybe ease up on the snark since it seems like it might be your Mogwai. You just aren’t ready for the task of using snarky humor in your tweets.

Grow up. Learn some responsibility in your role as a crypto and blockchain info source. And, maybe, just maybe, we’ll see you and Gizmo all grown up in a sequel.


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Dear Taylor Swift, your music rights unicorn is alive. Its name is Tron.

Dear Taylor,

This letter probably comes 3.5 years too late, but better late than never, right?

In the middle of 2014, you asked Wall Street Journal readers where the music industry would be in 20, 30, or 50 years. You opined that “music should not be free, and my prediction is that individual artists and their labels will someday decide what an album’s price point is.”

Taylor, you finally have a way to cut through the noise of piracy and artists not getting what they deserve. That way is Tron.

You were willing, at that point, to be the example in your industry by pulling your music off of Spotify. (We also know you went back on that later, but hey, business happens.)

Your point was solid then, and it’s better now. Why? Because the technology you, and all artists, desperately wanted and needed in order to protect what’s yours – and be paid for it – now exists. It’s called Tron. (Hollywood is watching after Tron bought BitTorrent, if you hadn’t heard that.)

What does Tron do? It cuts out middle men. It lets you sell your art directly to your fans at the price they and you deserve. It cuts down piracy, finally.

You need Tron. It has the scale to handle your fan base’s requests. It has smart contracts that leave you in control of pricing – and getting paid for every download. It is a blockchain system built for the entertainment industry. It is the content unicorn you dreamed about years ago.

And Tron needs you. You see, because you were smart enough and brave enough to buck the system in 2014, and because you are you – a transcendent, world-loved, public-reaching icon – you are the perfect person to take Tron to the larger general public. Right now, Tron founder Justin Sun is doing great work as a marketer, but he’ll never have your appeal. For many reasons.

This is the cause you picked up in 2014. This is your chance to drive the point home with a real-life example of how things could be so much better for artists going forward.

This is proving to remaining doubters how serious this is to you and how you are a true industry leader.

This is your moment.

There’s no way around calling it one, but I didn’t write this to be a pitch letter. I wrote this as someone who sees a way for you to carry your flag up the last part of the hill. You started this thing. You finally have a way to finish it, and finish it in only a way that you, Taylor Swift, can.

As a content producer myself, I’m pulling for you to do so.




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Hollywood eyeing Tron/BitTorrent?

“The old guard are following events, and watching carefully.”

A few weeks ago, the public general reaction to Justin Sun and Tron purchasing BitTorrent ranged on a scale from “BitTorrent is still a thing?” to “What’s a Tron?”

Within the blockchain and crypto communities, however, the move created one hell of a buzz.

In that excitement, Tron loyalists have begun digging into BitTorrent’s history. What they are finding are loads of examples of exactly why Justin Sun made it a priority to add not just any peer-sharing apparatus, but this one. 

Some of what was uncovered in recent days:

– Though it made news this past week by visiting with Sun, Twitter was on board with BitTorrent … all the way back in 2010.

– So was Facebook.

– At its core, BitTorrent’s Paygate service in 2014 was headed in the right direction for putting a lot of money back in the pockets of artists.

– And, an added bonus for you: Want to know why the Tron/BitTorrent match is absolutely perfect? Read this 2014 piece from the Harvard Business Review and keep Tron in your mind as you consider the article’s final paragraph.

Putting ALL of that aside, it’s no secret that Hollywood itself knows BitTorrent’s potential power. It also has been watching BitTorrent’s move. “The old guard are following events, and watching carefully,” a Hollywood production insider told me.

It all has brought legitimacy to Tron’s stated larger vision of decentralizing the Internet and putting creative control back fully in the hands of entertainment creators.*

*If you’re new to this concept, do you know Taylor Swift? She famously wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal in 2014 and in it said:

“It’s my opinion that music should not be free,
and my prediction is that individual artists and their labels
will someday decide what an album’s price point is.”

Swift was almost right, except, with Tron’s smart contracts abilities, an artist wouldn’t even need the label if they didn’t want to go down that road. Thinking of her words now and pairing her thoughts with today’s Tron option…

Taylor Swift, with her iconic stature, is the unlikely mass-appeal hero that Tron needs and should use to break through to the general public.

But, even still, there seemed to be a large amount of doubt circling Justin Sun’s project – reflected in Tron’s trading price, not to mention in the confidence of pump-addicted detractors willing to share their well-reasoned, logical thoughts via Twitter.

Their issue, of course, is that they don’t, won’t, or can’t see past Tron as anything more than a cryptocurrency. That’s a shame because they’re missing the point.

According to digital content producer Robert S. Seppälä, Tron’s nabbing of BitTorrent is the real deal-maker – far ahead of the Tron token that so many one-pump chumps are hoping to cash in on.

“I agree the ]TRON] currency is cool, but beyond the bean counting, I believe it’s the content and entertainment delivered in the future that will drive this new world of decentralization through Tron,” said Seppälä, who is producer, director, and writer for EverTell. “It’s exciting.”

From many accounts, he’s not alone in that thinking.


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The Crypto Chronicles: Fear the Sun

In a town somewhere off the main highways, where the local economy has been supported by a new mining industry, afternoons are filled with the hum of a power grid that dominates the landscape. In the evenings, in fact, everything bathes under digital light because miners never sleep.

Conversations at the local tech bar lately have centered on recent heavy rains, which have washed away many money trees. Add to that the increased rumors of new government oversight and laws regarding the town’s economy, and folks are nervous, even if they can see brighter days ahead. 

In fact, the sun has been peeking through the clouds lately – a lot more in the past three months. It’s made for a pleasant Friday evening, where we find several of the adult guys huddled on the bleachers during a high school football game … and keeping an eye on the sky.

As we settle on the metal seat next to the group, just within earshot, I’ll take a moment to welcome you to the beginning of the Crypto Chronicles …

Bitcoin: I’ll be damned. I thought it might rain again. It’s been a doozy this year. My money trees are barely producing fruit.

Tron: No kidding. I have lots of money trees but nothing on them. Hoping the sun finally comes out and stays out soon. I think it’s supposed to end of July sometime. That should help.

(Ethereum grumbles something)

Bitcoin: What’s that, Eth?

(A bit louder, Ethereum speaks, albeit much more slowly than the others)

Ethereum: The sun. Screw the sun. It’s overrated and doesn’t really do anything.

Cardano: Okay, easy, Eth. What’s the sun ever done to you?

Ethereum (louder still, but still slow and showing signs of strain with the increased energy): What’s it done to me? You serious, Clark?

Cardano: Oh, shoot. Here he goes. Guys … c’mon. Someone want to help here, please?

Bitcoin: Eth, no need to get worked up. We know you don’t like sun. Some people just don’t dig it.

(Ripple looks up from his Wall Street Journal app on his iPad)

Ripple: Yeah, some people are idiots, too.

Cardano: Ripple! Would you stop? I think it’s obvious Eth is having a hard time.

Ripple: That’s pretty sweet coming from the guy who just tried to kiss Tron on Twitter a few days ago. You get those digits?

(Doge, decked out in a cartoon dog t-shirt, cargo shorts, and a backwards ball cap, giggles and breaks into song)

Doge: And this is craaazy. So, here’s my number. Call me MAYYYY-BE!

Cardano: Hey, partnerships are important. We all know that. Right?

(Tron nods and whips out his smartphone, adorned in a bedazzled Jack Ma jacket. Ma’s face is in the center. His pupils are tiny Tron diamonds.)

Bitcoin: Man, that’s just weird.

Tron: I like it, and it’s mine, and it’s precious.

Ethereum: Seriously, you couldn’t be dumber.

Tron: Wanna race?

Ethereum: I hate you like I hate the sun.

(Ripple sighs and puts his iPad away.)

Ripple: So, I just read that our free-wheeling days might be numbered.

Bitcoin: What’s that mean?

Ripple: Well, you know how you were allowed to run a lottery and basically got to make up the rules for the game while you ran it? Because nobody really knew what kind of game you were playing? And then you raked huge because tons of people just started throwing money at it because they didn’t want to miss out? But nobody cared because you shared the wealth with a whole lot of people who signed up to play at the beginning?

Bitcoin (dreamily): Yeah … that was so darn fun.

Ripple: Apparently, it was so fun that our government and regulatory friends think they want in.

Cardano: A little cooperation and structure might be nice, actually.

Ripple: Might be, especially in the financial industry.

Tron: And entertainment.

Cardano: And science.

(Ethereum mutters again.)

Doge: Dude … you suck when you do that.

Ethereum: I just said I hope you all burn in hell. Especially Tron.

Bitcoin: Bitter isn’t a good look on you, my man.

Ripple: Have you ever seen him dressed any other way?

Doge (singing): Cuz ev’ry girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man!

(Tron jumps up, dances, and takes a selfie with everyone behind him.)

Tron: Yeah!

Ripple: He wasn’t singing about you, T-shirt boy.

Bitcoin: Okay, so more on this regulation thing…

Ripple: There’s not a lot there, yet. But, while we’ve been setting up our products in town here, countries are starting to notice how cool our way of life is.

Cardano: It is pretty sweet. Maybe sharing with them is a great option! I can tweet an invite!

Ethereum: Dumb.

Cardano: You have something better in mind?

Ethereum: I might. Just give me 10 years.

Tron: I can do it in a minute.

Doge: That’s what your girlfriend said.

Bitcoin: Ohhhh…. watch that Tron burn!

(Tron takes another selfie with Doge)

Tron: Good one, Doge. Actually, I’ll name this Snap “Burn, Tron, Burn!”

Ethereum: Stop.

Tron: I’ll snap right now. My peeps will love that. They love how fast I am.

Ethereum: Jesus H. … stop it.

(The sun breaks out from the clouds overhead)

Tron (looking up): Yeah! Maybe I’ll put a big ol’ sun on it.

Bitcoin: Ah, damn it. Here it…

(Ethereum stands up, clenches his right fist, and swings, too slowly, at Tron. The momentum carries Ethereum off the bleachers and onto the ground. Doge hops down and stands over him – his smiling face inches from Eth’s.)

Doge: Duuuuuuude. Swing, batter, batter! Swing!

(Tron jumps down in front of the other two, smart phone in hand, arm extended)

Ethereum: You mother…

(The image shows on Tron’s device.)

Tron: Totally going on Twitter. Holla!


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The Tron Virtual Machine is going to rock worlds – yours, mine, everybody’s

Sometimes, you have to let the reality of a dream settle in before you can appreciate it. Then again, being able to see that reality before anyone else is called vision, and there’s a reason why it is such a sought after talent.

Tron is fast becoming that reality for those who follow it — and many more who don’t. It’s what happens when you stop boring the public with barely recognizable terms like “mainnet”, “torrent”, and “blockchain” and instead start mixing in specific panty-droppers like “Twitter”, “Facebook”, “100 million or more users”, “music sharing”, “porn”, “biggest file sharer in the world”, “gaming”, and “Facebook”.

Hi, Tron…er…Shannon.

Yes, friends, those terms are major turn-ons, especially after they’ve all legitimately been linked to Tron in just the last few weeks. (Funny enough, BitTorrent has almost everything to do with that…which has a lot of folks beginning to understand one of the the reasons why BitTorrent was part of Justin Sun’s plan from the beginning.)

When that moment of puzzle-pieces-coming-together realization hits, I imagine it’s like that scene in American Pie when Shannon Elizabeth cozies up to Jason Biggs, who loses control immediately…twice.

Just to make the image clear (because it’s a good one):

Shannon = recent Tron news
Jason = Tron investor

But, this has happened before, hasn’t it?

  • Tron news surfaced late in 2017 about a possible connection to Alibaba, and the charts resembled a Bill Clinton impersonation of the Washington Monument.
  • Tron MainNet goes live, and folks felt like they were led on. (I’m not sure why…it’s like they mistook the vibrating bed turning on for the entire sexual experience.)
  • Ethereum “Independence Day” came and went, and instead of carnal investment bliss, many folks were bored or frustrated with sinking prices amid a prolonged token swap. (I’m still waiting, and it sucks. Thanks, Bittrex.)
  • Never mind that everyone’s current daddy, Bitcoin, keeps sticking its head in at inopportune times and thwarting Tron’s potential growth moments.

And it’s all led to Tron loyalists having to tell the rest of the world that it isn’t about the size of our .0337 coin, it’s the quality.

Hang in there, Tronics. Your Dirk Diggler “star” moment is approaching. As someone who loathes hearing and seeing such a thing from others, it is time to circle a date on the calendar.

July 30.

The Tron Virtual Machine will open for business, and there’s no reason to believe a hungry-eyed group of developers won’t flock to the Sun Bunny Ranch. The list of advantages is well-known by now (easy, cheap, high distribution potential, big partnerships, nice rewards, etc.), and the latest big piece of the machine will be available.

The rest has been extremely nice, but THAT news has me excited. Above a lot of other things, I think that’s when we all will get to see Tron fully come to life and start to grow.

And, if things go right, grow to something big enough to make even Ron Jeremy jealous.


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Tron token frustration: Where is my Tron, and how is this affecting the Super Representative vote?

Despite really exciting things on the horizon for the Tron network, including the July 31 scheduled date for the Tron Virtual Machine to come alive, there is a legitimate doubt smothering what should be real enthusiasm at this point.

The token migration is taking way too long.

Bittrex (shown here) and many other Exchanges haven’t yet restored Tron wallets. Bittrex hasn’t responded to repeated requests from users for updates.

Or, maybe it isn’t taking longer than it should, but how would you or I know? Short of vague “still offline” statuses and a woefully short current list from Justin Sun of exchanges that are fully functional as of today, neither Tron nor the affected exchanges seem willing to share at this point. Even for a well-reasoned, long-term-minded hodler, that’s not awesome. And, a sudden lack of transparency in the middle of delays gives cause for concern, which then becomes irritation while watching constant airdrop updates.

In other words, just because I’m not locked up on minute-by-minute or day-by-day value, I still want an answer to: Where are my damn tokens?


What’s going on with the Tron Super Representative election?

I just said it isn’t about the value – I should walk that back a bit. It ISN’T about the monetary value for me and many others at this point. It IS about things like not having the ability to access my tokens and take part in the Super Representative election as was promised.

That’s where, if I think about it long enough, doubt starts to cloud my Tron sky, especially as I’ve watched announcements begin to trickle out that Super Representatives are being elected/named. My question centers on how that’s happening when a giant portion of Tron hodlers haven’t been able to vote. It makes it feel completely against “Every TRX counts”, as Justin said in this April post.

That doesn’t factor in the current open-ended election, which doesn’t feel right at all. Governance, even in this case, should have enough structure to establish order. As it stands, this feels terribly loose and haphazard.

All of that said, this is not to disparage those SR’s who have been named. Nor is this a tear-down of the Tron project’s ideals. But, I think the questions are legitimate, especially as things drag forward. Everything was supposed to have been completed by June 26. It’s now 10 days past that mark.

So, an earnest ask: If you know why some or all of this isn’t a big deal, or why I should feel 100 percent confident in the election structure, please email me. I want to understand.


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UK government official Eddie Hughes provides Blockchain solutions and plan. Will they use it?

Thanks to history, it’s a little ironic that on America’s Independence Day we find a call for liberation in the United Kingdom.

As it is, a new report has come forward from Eddie Hughes

Eddie Hughes. Image from Wikipedia class=”wp-image-626 size-medium” src=”″ alt=”” width=”225″ height=”300″ /> [/ca

MP, Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. Titled “Unlocking Blockchain: Embracing new technologies to drive efficiency and empower the citizen“, the report outlines several recommendations and proposed efficiency solutions through blockchain technologies for the United Kingdom. Among those are for the UK to establish a Chief Blockchain Officer; all departments to efficiently use blockchain technology in order to cut 1% from government spending; and establish a UK-based international blockchain competition, “to drive homegrown entrepreneurship,
and to entice leading global players to develop technology here.”

The paper is being distributed by FREER, “a major new initiative from the IEA promoting a freer economy and a freer society,” according to the paper. “FREER’s mission to promote the value and virtue of economic and social liberalism.”

Hughes’ proposals reflect that liberal voice.

“The state should focus its attention on using blockchain to enable social freedom, to increase efficiency, and to rebuild societal trust,” he wrote. “The state should not be allowed to use such technology to intrude into the lives of individuals—but rather the technology should be used to empower individuals in their necessary engagements with the state.”

Pretty heady, if not idealistic. And while FREER states in the introduction that the paper has been submitted (digitally, of course) to all MPs, it remains to be seen how much action a government might actually be willing to take with a technology built on decentralization.

While the entire paper is worth the read and should be distributed to ALL national governments, Hughes’ conclusion delivers a worthy rallying cry:

“Blockchain and associated technologies offer an unrivalled (sic) opportunity to begin to review and redesign the UK’s data systems. Whitehall and public services could be fundamentally rewired to empower citizens and better serve their needs. We should encourage digital entrepreneurship. We must tackle the trust deficit. By introducing a departmental target for blockchain efficiency savings, we can begin to generate a digital dividend to pass on to tax payers or to reinvest.

And we can use a mix of classical liberal values and new technologies to strengthen individual freedom and improve the life chances of all. We must harness the energy of entrepreneurial spirit created by these new world-changing technologies to ensure the future is freer. By engaging now, and recognising blockchain’s potential, we can ensure it is used by the state to empower individuals, and to afford us real control over our own data.”

Indeed, good sir. Indeed.


What topics would you like to read about as we all grow with Crypto and Blockchain? Shoot an email to with “Blog idea” in your subject line, or find me on Twitter at And, FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Tron (TRX) and Ripple (XRP) investor. I am not a financial advisor. This content should not be used as a base for or considered to be financial advice.