Tron token frustration: Where is my Tron, and how is this affecting the Super Representative vote?

Despite really exciting things on the horizon for the Tron network, including the July 31 scheduled date for the Tron Virtual Machine to come alive, there is a legitimate doubt smothering what should be real enthusiasm at this point.

The token migration is taking way too long.

Bittrex (shown here) and many other Exchanges haven’t yet restored Tron wallets. Bittrex hasn’t responded to repeated requests from users for updates.

Or, maybe it isn’t taking longer than it should, but how would you or I know? Short of vague “still offline” statuses and a woefully short current list from Justin Sun of exchanges that are fully functional as of today, neither Tron nor the affected exchanges seem willing to share at this point. Even for a well-reasoned, long-term-minded hodler, that’s not awesome. And, a sudden lack of transparency in the middle of delays gives cause for concern, which then becomes irritation while watching constant airdrop updates.

In other words, just because I’m not locked up on minute-by-minute or day-by-day value, I still want an answer to: Where are my damn tokens?


What’s going on with the Tron Super Representative election?

I just said it isn’t about the value – I should walk that back a bit. It ISN’T about the monetary value for me and many others at this point. It IS about things like not having the ability to access my tokens and take part in the Super Representative election as was promised.

That’s where, if I think about it long enough, doubt starts to cloud my Tron sky, especially as I’ve watched announcements begin to trickle out that Super Representatives are being elected/named. My question centers on how that’s happening when a giant portion of Tron hodlers haven’t been able to vote. It makes it feel completely against “Every TRX counts”, as Justin said in this April post.

That doesn’t factor in the current open-ended election, which doesn’t feel right at all. Governance, even in this case, should have enough structure to establish order. As it stands, this feels terribly loose and haphazard.

All of that said, this is not to disparage those SR’s who have been named. Nor is this a tear-down of the Tron project’s ideals. But, I think the questions are legitimate, especially as things drag forward. Everything was supposed to have been completed by June 26. It’s now 10 days past that mark.

So, an earnest ask: If you know why some or all of this isn’t a big deal, or why I should feel 100 percent confident in the election structure, please email me. I want to understand.


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