IAMDECENTRALIZED.ORG and Tron: Now that we’re all interested (and listening) ..

In a normal crypto week, FUD pops up like an ill-timed zit. Irritating, unsightly, maybe even painful. But, it doesn’t last long.

The past week or two, however, FUD surrounding Tron exchanges, tokens, and token companies has been closer to a terrible Herpes outbreak — leaving many to question past investment relationships, painful current bumps on the portfolio, and whether they ever will get well in the future.

(Never mind how irritating and gross it is to watch some in the Tron community share their outbreak stories on Twitter as they cry and shake their fist while blaming others for their own decisions to hook up with strange or anonymous partners on DEX or Troninfo.org. Folks, c’mon, when you hook up with a burner, you can’t start yelling at their parents to undo the sex you had with their adopted kid.)

Anyways … as I furiously wash my hands and drink antibacterial soap … 

Despite all of that, Tron has quietly begun its ascent. As late as Wednesday night, in fact, Tron had jumped both Monero and Cardano in terms of market cap. (That may be more an example of Tron’s ability to whether the storm better than others, but that’s a different post…)

No, Tron has not been the focus of the Trerpes’ ire, luckily, as members in the community have been prudent in pointing out who owns what exchange and how those relationships work. But, those efforts, while valiant, have been scattered – leaving some questions unanswered and plenty of space for gobs of mother Fudders to continue to poison the think tank.

There’s hope, however. 

Over the summer, I worked with @Mobrules1968 and @wlfofmyst on a different project. (You may have seen it – it eventually included the Pope’s receiving Tron. No, really …) After that, Mob and I turned our attention turned toward developing something with potentially bigger, longer-term impact than a flash-adoption campaign (as fun as that was). That led to the current initiative involving him, @mishalederman, and @john and me, @curtiskitchen:


You may have noticed the #iamdecentralized hashtag on our Twitter profiles and tweets lately. Here’s what it means:

Based on the decentralized ideals at the core of TRON’s existence, IAMDECENTRALIZED.org believes the Internet needs to return to its original roots as an information and idea-sharing place. Further, it believes that those ideas and products should be shared in a way that content rights are owned and protected by the individuals who create the work; not centralized companies.

That’s pretty niche, and we now know Tron has bigger aspirations. But, we like it.

So, as Tron continues to grow, we saw a need for a channel where the Tron community could focus its questions and FUD instead of bug-splattering it all over Twitter or Facebook groups. The solution is IAMDECENTRALIZED.org.

IAMDECENTRALIZED.org aims to be the intermediary communications and engagement link between TRON, the TRON Foundation, Super Representatives, and the TRON Community.

We want to be the Community’s place to get answers. We want to be the place where Tron and all of its partners feel comfortable providing those answers. That said, we are advocates for truth and information. We are not “for” or “against” anyone. It’s important that we are clear about that from the beginning.

We are keenly focused on supplying answers that help the Tron Community.

So, if you have questions about anything in the community, DM @mobrules1968, @curtiskitchen, and @mishalederman. We’ll see what we can do to help from an informational (and sometimes actionable) vantage point. 

And, if you’re decentralized, join the cause. Include #IAMDECENTRALIZED on your Tron, crypto, and blockchain tweets from now on!


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And, FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Tron (TRX) investor. I am not a financial advisor. This content should not be used as a base for or considered to be financial advice.

#IAmDecentralized: Not just a storm. Climate change.

So, I’m listening to the soundtrack from Braveheart … because who doesn’t get super jacked on a Thursday night listening to somber Scottish tones tinged with the oncoming dread of heroic martyrdom!?

 But, I digress …

Ladies and gentlemen, something pretty fantastic is coming soon to and for the Tron community. (Not a Lambo or anything, but still, pretty great.)

Let me explain.

After #operationtronstorm, @mobrules1968 and I got to talking. And thinking. And planning. And asking. And doing.

And our conversations about Tron, Justin Sun, the Tron community, decentralization, and the crypto world at large turned from “why isn’t there?”, into “what if there could be?”, into “why don’t we?”

Along that path, we had the incredible fortune of bringing @mishalederman and @janezrajsp (John) into the fold, and the four of us have spent the better part of the past 4-6 weeks developing something that makes #operationtronstrom — as much fun as it was — look more like a passing light rain shower.


It is a gateway. It is your gateway. It is the connector between Tron, including Justin Sun (as far as we’re planning), and the Tron community.

The new site, scheduled to launch in November, will be a place of idea sharing, information distribution, Tron updates and news from the Foundation and Super Representatives, prices, guides on coins, our blogs and other content, and more.

It’s a lot, but it goes to one of the first needs Mob and I felt existed in the community – which is a conduit for Tron news, and voices who can help explain what it all means as it happens. Think about cool content like Misha’s recent videos on Twitter. Then, combine that with my blogs (and voice, eventually), Mob’s affinity for hats (as shown in the recent Dallas Tron meetup), and John’s superior web development.

And participation and engagement from you from time to time in cool initiatives that happen along the way.

All in one place.

We’re so stoked, and we hope you are as well.

Now, there are other dApps, and sites, and places you will always be able to go to get some of what I’ve described. But, you won’t be able to get it all in one place, and you sure won’t be able to get some of the original content we’ll have.

Come get decentralized with us. It should make for a hella good ride. And, like William Wallace said:

“If we win, we’ll have what none of us have ever had before – a country decentralized Internet of our own.”

Here’s to iamdecentralized.org and to all of us being proud in saying #Iamdecentralized.