Bitcoin just stumbled; will Tron (and others) push it out of the way?

We’re in bloggy territory here, right? So, let’s break from an air of reporting and columnizing and just shoot the breeze for a second.

It’s been a while since I last posted. That’s what happens when you welcome a new daughter to the world. She doesn’t sleep much when she’s supposed to, but pretty sure she’s a keeper. Even if she’s already proven capable of firing off biological weapons when diapers aren’t on.

On that note, let’s talk about something else that stunk up the place the past few days.

Just what the hell was the mix-up regarding Bitcoin and Starbucks? I watched the headlines roll out before everybody and their dog blamed the media for a supposed mix-up that first said crypto currencies such as Bitcoin could soon be used for coffee things. Then, Starbucks comes back and decafs everybody by saying you won’t. Instead, you’ll be able to use an exchange to convert crypto into dollars that then can be used for Starbucks.

On a excited scale from 1-10, that news ranked -2009 Satoshis.

What that news also did for me, however, is point out the core issue with Bitcoin – something I hadn’t quite been able to wrap my head around until now.

Everyone wants to see Bitcoin increase in value again, but mass adoption has become the game and nobody knows to make that work with Bitcoin at this point. It’s like they’re just hoping interest picks up again.

Some want it as a currency. Others want it as some sort of investment safehaven like gold or silver. Others still just want to see it get adopted in the general public marketplace. And, there always will be the group that doesn’t care nuthin’ ’bout nuthin’ except for when the next BTC bull will run.

The more I watch, the more it seems there really isn’t a strategy other than wishful thinking that demand for Bitcoin will again go up someday – with a limited supply again driving a huge demand for no good reason at all. Supporters and investors are simply hoping somebody decides to inject Bitcoin into the general marketplace because, “Hey, everybody knows Bitcoin…of course, it will go up again!”

Bitcoin has been the front-runner for a long time and probably will be for a while longer. It had a giant head start. But, other coin and blockchain producers have realized there has to be something behind the currency (and all the value that comes with it) to drive it. It has to be a solution provider.

Ripple gets that like few others. And, so does Tron.

Tron has presented itself as a blockchain solution provider first and foremost – with tokens coming in second. And, in the past year — especially in the past few months — quick digging sees an increasing number of Upside Down-like vines tentacled out from Justin Sun’s creation. Nodes are growing on the system daily, and so are wallets. Businesses around the world are beginning to accept Tron as payment.

As I said on Twitter recently, Tron isn’t trying to be part of “a” system. It wants to be the whole system. The coins are nice because they give investors a chance to grab the moving train, but the real power comes from a fast-building network.

Shit is everywhere, man. And, it’s growing.

So, Starbucks, you want to go ahead and make the next logical grande move to actually accepting crypto for your overpriced drinks? Tron is already making that life easy.

You should look into it.


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And, FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Tron (TRX) investor. I am not a financial advisor. This content should not be used as a base for or considered to be financial advice.

“Breaking news”: Justin Sun’s tricky marketing relationship triangle with the Tron community and the general public

Marketing has been Tron founder Justin Sun’s best friend in the company’s first year.

He used it to build an enthused community (some taking it to cultish levels, even) that no other crypto or blockchain can boast.

(He’s also been accused of leading a fraud coin. More than a few have crowned him as crypto’s overlord of overhype; the prince of price pumping. And, of course, something between a liar and plagiarist (hi, Vitalik).)

However, it’s that same community that proved its willing to eat anything and anyone when provoked – including Tron HODL purists or even Sun himself. And, there may be no good way to put that monster back in its cage. The beast has become entitled – no longer satisfied with Sun’s announcements to the public.

Despite it all, Sun has kept Tron on course.

In a year, Tron has proven capable of being far more than a sturdy platform or interesting coin. It has caused people to dream about a different Internet and all the different ways an investor might get paid in the future.

What’s allowed those dreams to happen is Sun’s transparent marketing, and if he’s had a flaw it has been wanting to share too much.

You can be mad that he shares too much. You can also be mad (foolishly) if you believe Tron isn’t delivering fast enough for your tastes.

But, you don’t get to do both. You don’t get to follow Sun and Tron, and see everything the company is achieving in the timeframe it is, research and read about breakthrough partnerships and future plans through inside information articles or Sun tweets, and then complain when those same announcements happen to be the official announcement to the general public.

You didn’t get screwed. You were informed and rewarded for you research efforts. You should revel in that.

Since the announcement, I’ve read reactions that range from asking Sun to stop communicating (not gonna happen) and asking Tron to develop a marketing team (I’m guessing a multi-billion dollar company likely has one), to telling people they should vote out Sun as a Super Representative as a penalty for not delivering enough in his announcement. (I… what?!?)

Guys, c’mon.

Those reactions would be better-suited (I’m not saying deserved, I’m saying better suited if you chose to go down that road) for things like when Sun made a crude joke tweet while announcing Tron’s involvement with Pornhub. (I did write about his responsibility after that.)

Sun’s announcing to the world how he plans to use BitTorrent isn’t one of those things. He did what he needed to do to help push his product to the masses. It’s exactly what you should hope he continues to do in order to put Tron’s name in as many mouths as possible.

It’s a little disjointed to end, but my last thought is this:

If you’re sweating the tenths-of-a-cent swing that resulted from news that you already knew, you’re doing it wrong; especially if you believe Tron will someday achieve the prices you’re dreaming about.


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And, FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Tron (TRX) investor. I am not a financial advisor. This content should not be used as a base for or considered to be financial advice.

“When Tron moon?”: The fastest way to make other crypto people hate you

“When Tron moon?”

Having only really gotten into crypto and blockchain a few months ago, I feel like I should be the one asking this kind of question. You know, when stupid is still infant baby cute.

Then again, I can read.

If they’ve not done anything else (and they have, of course), Tron and Justin Sun have made perfectly clear that they want to break the Internet be profitable and enjoyed over the long term – going as far as throwing out a decades-long plan for folks to chew on. (Years? Decades? Oh God… the horror!)

It also has become clear that many people don’t like to read that information, actually listen to the video media events, or pay attention to researched quotes and business moves floated among the Twitter crypto community. Many people never get past crummy, click bait headlines. which sadly makes sense considering the human attention span now checks in at slightly shorter than a goldfish.

And, it all leads back to the idiot investor’s mantra:

“When Tron moon?”

Tron hasn’t tried to be (and has never given the impression it will) like other cryptos that pumped, dumped, and dazzled like Stormy Daniels. Tron wants to be me-love-you-long-time sexy like Betty White. And, who doesn’t love Betty White?

The ideals and plans in place for Tron – the ones we’ve been privy to at this point, anyways – all have been geared for weaving the blockchain into the future commerce fabric. It was never about hoping for a lightning-in-a-bottle DApp. It never will be. It’s vision is that Tron will be the whole damn SYSTEM – one charged with loads of lightning.

Sun has tried pushing his vision so much that even I’ve gotten a little “okay, man … slow your marketing roll a bit.” But, I say that as someone who is beginning to understand the scope of this project. I don’t need the constant updates; not because I’m smart or annoyed but because the daily public updates don’t matter now.

Those who need to know about Tron; they do know because this developer’s paradise has been marketed well. Investors … they’ll come on their own just fine because real investors constantly research. (Sun has done his part already in setting up umpteen exchange partnerships and making TRX available in a load of different places.)

So if Betty White is hot, here comes the naked Bea Arthur cold-water bath: You have to HODL.

You have to forget your investment for a while. Enjoy the announcements. Check in once in a while. Keep the thought in the back of your head. But, overall, forget the daily check-in to see if you can say angry things to your boss as you quit.

You have to because if you thought hodling has been hard the past 6-8 months, remember John Paul Jones’ line from 1779 – which might be slightly adjusted for today. You’re going to need it as you protect your Tron for months, or even years.

“I have not yet begun to Hodl!” 

Or something like that.


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Smell test: Lucas Nuzzi wants me to believe Tron is a scam

You don’t know me, and that’s okay. I’m a nobody. I’m someone who started his cryptocurrency and blockchain journey only a few months ago.

I missed Bitcoin’s explosion (well, I saw it from afar, like most people) and the alt-coin’s subsequent explosion. But, I’ve likened myself to something akin to a crypto astronomer lately — taking to the stars and discovering the solar system’s present through its rapidly expanding past.

In that journey, I found Tron.

Since that happened a couple of months ago, I’ve found myself learning about this Justin Sun guy. I’ve watched live press conferences from China. I’ve traded reading Kansas City Royals box scores for Tron (and other) whitepapers. (Okay, that part wasn’t a sacrifice. My Royals suck this year, but I digress.) I’ve worn out Google searching for news several times per day. My Twitter follows have transformed almost overnight as I connect with other crypto players, leaders, media, enthusiasts, and investors.

It’s kind of been a recreation of me in a way. The crypto me didn’t exist until now. That’s the fun part.

The intriguing part has been to watch with wonder if Tron — which, until April, was just this really fantastic arcade game I grew up playing — truly is the Apple of our time. Is it going to transform the web? Is it, if I can go back to my astronomy metaphor, a galaxy being born in front of our eyes?

My growing Tron bag speaks for me here. I think it could very well be.

But, the reporter side of me (part of my professional life was spent in radio and print) leaves open the possibility* that Tron could be all that, but it also could be something less, or even far less.

*Let’s talk about what I mean by possibility. When I say this, it doesn’t mean I think it’s true, or even partly true. A key piece of critical thinking is to allow for all possibilities and then allow information and testing to eliminate the possibilities that prove false.

And so, it caught my attention (and many others’) when Lucas Nuzzi dropped a few Tweets this week that Tron isn’t special at all. In fact, Lucas all but called his shot that Justin Sun’s “Independence Day” from Ethereum will look far more like the scene from Will Smith’s movie when aliens blow up the White House than it will be a celebration.

It has a smell, no doubt. But, does what Nuzzi said have the aroma of perfect prime rib? Or, is it end-of-workout stank armpits?

I consider the transparency with which Sun has presented his vision and product. I consider the bounty program open to literally everyone…for weeks…with a huge payoff. I consider the amount of support and/or excitement from exchanges, companies, developers, and potential Super Representatives. I consider tangible results shown through super-transparent testing that show nodes and blocks doing exactly what they are supposed to.

And I think things like:

“Damn, sure am glad nobody who is taking part in this process seems to share the same thoughts as Nuzzi.”

And …

“Wow, there are a lot of people, hundreds or thousands by now, all way smarter than me, who have had direct exposure to the same product that Nuzzi purports to have witnessed. And they ALL missed this?”

And …

“If those people didn’t miss the things that Nuzzi proclaims, this is one of the largest conspiracies ever. Period.”

And …

“Nuzzi’s just now saying this?”

Put all of those things together, along with the already debunked “sophisticated” scam blog posts, and I can’t go any farther down Nuzzi’s road other than to say I feel like I’ve walked in, smelled the room, and the only whiff I’m getting is a FUD burger.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Nuzzi is right.

I’m willing to bet he isn’t.


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