Klever pushes back on ‘Klever Exchange’ pressure

“He that can have patience can have what he will.” – Ben Franklin

Excitement around Klever is palpable these days. Giant percentage hikes in price over a few days will do that to a project and make even the most stubborn “sell” trigger fingers twitchy. But, something of real note happened this past week.

Instead of rolling an announcement of an announcement, or, worse, finding some cheap, empty, Lindsay Lohan endorsement to fill the time, a crypto project told its growing audience – one with increasing financial fever dreams – that it will not bow to anything other than product quality.

Klever has not been shy about its plan to roll out its own “Klever Exchange”. It is, after all, a prominent prong to a diamond-filled roadmap that includes full blockchain development and aspirations of one day fully transforming from a once-upon-the-beginning crypto wallet into a bank. The Exchange has been marked for a Q1 2021 launch since it was introduced, and that deadline, now a month away, has never wavered.

Additionally, the company appears to be on time with that expectation, having released detailed screenshots of the mobile exchange app in iOS development. Expectedly, seeing those images only intensified public interest on Twitter, where the obvious question was asked: “Can we know the exact date?”

Klever Director of Communications Misha Lederman’s reply was as concise as it was quick:

“The date is: when it’s tested, optimized, validated and ready.”

It is hard to imagine how much better off most crypto projects, let alone their investors, would be right now if all projects had held to such a standard the past couple of years.

That said, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Klever responded this way. I’ve highlighted before this company’s white paper-based, foundational values centering on security and user experience.

And, with something as important as an Exchange, neither security nor user experience would be served by anything less than a perfect product.

Lederman’s reply suggests Klever understands that, and all interested parties stand to benefit from it… even if it means patience.


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