Taking Tron to the masses: Introducing Tron Storm

Introducing Tron Storm

It’s time to light up the sky and take Tron to the masses.

Why? Because … like we’ve said in other posts:

You are Tron.

So, without further delay, it’s time to unleash the storm. Welcome to helping decentralize the Internet. Welcome to Operation TRON STORM.

The concept is simple. Think “Community Air Drop.” Except, include @Goseedit, who is collaborating with TRON STORM, and we thank them for their support.

Now, here’s where you come in:

Each person will “Tip” five (5) TRX tokens to 10 people using @Goseedit (as soon as it becomes available on Twitter!) on a specific day we will announce soon.That way, we create an immediate groundswell and watch the effects ripple out.

Operation Tron Storm: Who do you tip?

Five of the people you tip will be your five FAVORITE music artists. We want to get the word out to them that TRON is a decentralized network, thus allowing musicians COMPLETE control over their work.

The next five people you will send to are those NOT currently in crypto right now. By looking at someone’s Twitter account, it’s fairly easy to tell if they are in crypto (ha!).

The reason we are asking for this specifically is because the goal is to introduce the masses to the world of TRX and music and entertainment professionals the world of true content ownership.

@Goseedit has provided excellent detailed information (see the video below). Also, the awesome team over there automatically includes Tron and Wallet set-up information with every tip you send. How cool is that for your friends!

However, it will be YOUR job to follow up with everyone you send a tip to. The more you help these people understand what they just received, the more successful this will be.

More information will be coming as to when Operation Tron Storm will be launched. This is a very exciting step for mass adoption, and we’re thrilled to try and help spread the Tron message. It is a movement that we, the Tron Community, are making happen!

Wolf, Mob, & Kitchen (with a special thanks to @padub81 for the extra insight!)


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