IAMDECENTRALIZED.ORG and Tron: Now that we’re all interested (and listening) ..

In a normal crypto week, FUD pops up like an ill-timed zit. Irritating, unsightly, maybe even painful. But, it doesn’t last long.

The past week or two, however, FUD surrounding Tron exchanges, tokens, and token companies has been closer to a terrible Herpes outbreak — leaving many to question past investment relationships, painful current bumps on the portfolio, and whether they ever will get well in the future.

(Never mind how irritating and gross it is to watch some in the Tron community share their outbreak stories on Twitter as they cry and shake their fist while blaming others for their own decisions to hook up with strange or anonymous partners on DEX or Troninfo.org. Folks, c’mon, when you hook up with a burner, you can’t start yelling at their parents to undo the sex you had with their adopted kid.)

Anyways … as I furiously wash my hands and drink antibacterial soap … 

Despite all of that, Tron has quietly begun its ascent. As late as Wednesday night, in fact, Tron had jumped both Monero and Cardano in terms of market cap. (That may be more an example of Tron’s ability to whether the storm better than others, but that’s a different post…)

No, Tron has not been the focus of the Trerpes’ ire, luckily, as members in the community have been prudent in pointing out who owns what exchange and how those relationships work. But, those efforts, while valiant, have been scattered – leaving some questions unanswered and plenty of space for gobs of mother Fudders to continue to poison the think tank.

There’s hope, however. 

Over the summer, I worked with @Mobrules1968 and @wlfofmyst on a different project. (You may have seen it – it eventually included the Pope’s receiving Tron. No, really …) After that, Mob and I turned our attention turned toward developing something with potentially bigger, longer-term impact than a flash-adoption campaign (as fun as that was). That led to the current initiative involving him, @mishalederman, and @john and me, @curtiskitchen:


You may have noticed the #iamdecentralized hashtag on our Twitter profiles and tweets lately. Here’s what it means:

Based on the decentralized ideals at the core of TRON’s existence, IAMDECENTRALIZED.org believes the Internet needs to return to its original roots as an information and idea-sharing place. Further, it believes that those ideas and products should be shared in a way that content rights are owned and protected by the individuals who create the work; not centralized companies.

That’s pretty niche, and we now know Tron has bigger aspirations. But, we like it.

So, as Tron continues to grow, we saw a need for a channel where the Tron community could focus its questions and FUD instead of bug-splattering it all over Twitter or Facebook groups. The solution is IAMDECENTRALIZED.org.

IAMDECENTRALIZED.org aims to be the intermediary communications and engagement link between TRON, the TRON Foundation, Super Representatives, and the TRON Community.

We want to be the Community’s place to get answers. We want to be the place where Tron and all of its partners feel comfortable providing those answers. That said, we are advocates for truth and information. We are not “for” or “against” anyone. It’s important that we are clear about that from the beginning.

We are keenly focused on supplying answers that help the Tron Community.

So, if you have questions about anything in the community, DM @mobrules1968, @curtiskitchen, and @mishalederman. We’ll see what we can do to help from an informational (and sometimes actionable) vantage point. 

And, if you’re decentralized, join the cause. Include #IAMDECENTRALIZED on your Tron, crypto, and blockchain tweets from now on!


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And, FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Tron (TRX) investor. I am not a financial advisor. This content should not be used as a base for or considered to be financial advice.

#IAmDecentralized: Not just a storm. Climate change.

So, I’m listening to the soundtrack from Braveheart … because who doesn’t get super jacked on a Thursday night listening to somber Scottish tones tinged with the oncoming dread of heroic martyrdom!?

 But, I digress …

Ladies and gentlemen, something pretty fantastic is coming soon to and for the Tron community. (Not a Lambo or anything, but still, pretty great.)

Let me explain.

After #operationtronstorm, @mobrules1968 and I got to talking. And thinking. And planning. And asking. And doing.

And our conversations about Tron, Justin Sun, the Tron community, decentralization, and the crypto world at large turned from “why isn’t there?”, into “what if there could be?”, into “why don’t we?”

Along that path, we had the incredible fortune of bringing @mishalederman and @janezrajsp (John) into the fold, and the four of us have spent the better part of the past 4-6 weeks developing something that makes #operationtronstrom — as much fun as it was — look more like a passing light rain shower.


It is a gateway. It is your gateway. It is the connector between Tron, including Justin Sun (as far as we’re planning), and the Tron community.

The new site, scheduled to launch in November, will be a place of idea sharing, information distribution, Tron updates and news from the Foundation and Super Representatives, prices, guides on coins, our blogs and other content, and more.

It’s a lot, but it goes to one of the first needs Mob and I felt existed in the community – which is a conduit for Tron news, and voices who can help explain what it all means as it happens. Think about cool content like Misha’s recent videos on Twitter. Then, combine that with my blogs (and voice, eventually), Mob’s affinity for hats (as shown in the recent Dallas Tron meetup), and John’s superior web development.

And participation and engagement from you from time to time in cool initiatives that happen along the way.

All in one place.

We’re so stoked, and we hope you are as well.

Now, there are other dApps, and sites, and places you will always be able to go to get some of what I’ve described. But, you won’t be able to get it all in one place, and you sure won’t be able to get some of the original content we’ll have.

Come get decentralized with us. It should make for a hella good ride. And, like William Wallace said:

“If we win, we’ll have what none of us have ever had before – a country decentralized Internet of our own.”

Here’s to iamdecentralized.org and to all of us being proud in saying #Iamdecentralized.


Tron: This week in know-it-all investors and agenda-holding SR candidates

It’s hard to say which is rising faster lately – the number of daily transactions Tron can now handle, the number of daily stories lately all singing Tron’s praises …

– … or, the number of people on crypto Twitter who generally feel like they could run Tron better than Justin Sun at this point.

– Anything that runs as smoothly as Tron’s production schedule in its first year is not an accident, nor is it as easy as it appears.

– It does appear, however, that the fourth quarter of this year could be really, really fun for Tron supporters.

– I don’t know specifics. I do know that foundational, FUNCTIONAL layers continue to be built without controversy.

– Know who else knows that?

– DApp developers.

– Lots of DApp developers.

– I’ve learned that a key to large-scale success is pooling as much talent in one place and letting that talent do its creative thing.

– Tron’s scope has become so massive, and there has been so much news about where and how Tron is being implemented, that it’s easy to forget about Tron’s growing blockchain capability — the DApps part, or the music part, or the accepted payment part.

– Developers from all walks of techie life will congregate in one place and find benefit in working on this new, massively effective, friendly, economical platform.

– It’s all “Tron.”

– That’s what people who are stuck freaking out every day about TRX values, and who aren’t day-traders, should try to remember.

– The more Tron ingratiates itself into the fabric of daily life – be it through gaming, entertainment, e-commerce, general payment options, etc. – the more value it will achieve. Period.

– Of course, the smooth transactional stuff (and everything else, basically) falls on the Super Representatives.

– And boy, has there been chatter about that group lately.

– It would behoove those entities aspiring to be an SR to be mindful of consequences in attacking others.

– The Tron community is not particularly large, and it is super observant.

– It values competitiveness, just like it does transparency.

– For example, it is not transparent to publicly question the integrity of a current SR when you fully intend later, like a few days later, to announce you’re running for SR.

– Feels pretty underhanded, mate.

– In any case, it’s a great thing that the community continues to watch and learn on the fly as the entire industry continues to evolve.

– As that continues to happen, it will become paramount that the companies, including Tron, go out of their way to educate their audiences about things like, say …

– Coin burns. (And their role when the coin isn’t the main focus.)

– Or …

– I know the number of accounts is something Tron likes to throw out there as a sign of growth, and I get that. However, when someone tipped me using @goseedit, a new Tron wallet was created for me. I had that tip forwarded to my original account. Both accounts remain on Tronscan.

– If both accounts are counted on Tronscan, and I assume they are, then the total number of accounts can’t be viewed as unique accounts, it’s simply a total number of accounts.

– Unless I’m missing something, that sort of dims the excitement around the accounts total, doesn’t it?


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#OperationTronStorm: Where do the winds take it from here?

“Now it seems to me some fine things have been laid upon your table …”

Who knew.

Who could have seen what this past week’s events would bring inside both the Tron community and the crypto community at large?

I suppose I should start with the obvious in the successful launch of #OperationTronStorm. I mean … it’s been a week, and I’ve been a part of some big campaigns and events in my life, but, holy Moses … I never saw this coming. And if anyone tells you they did, they’re lying.*justin-sun-tron-operation-tron-storm

*(Not a little lie, a big one. Like, let’s say I told people I didn’t know my lawyer paid for my porn stars but then later I tell you I actually was the one who paid for the porn stars. That kind of big lie.)

The response from the Tron community was more than we could have asked. And, it’s only grown since the first day. More and more people are using @goseedit. Tron Wallet numbers are spiking. Tron and other coins are changing hands at an enormous rate. The crypto media took major notice.

All of it made something explicitly clear to me, even if @wlfofmyst, @mobrules1968 and I built Operation Tron Storm with the thought in mind:

Operation Tron Storm is much, much larger than any one individual. The community spirit of sharing crypto and blockchain technology with the masses belongs to everyone who wants it.

But, as fantastic as it all was, is, and I believe will continue to be, it was a pinnacle of sorts when we found out that the Tron Foundation and Justin Sun were aware of the campaign.

And, they liked it.

And later, someone(s) from inside the Foundation told the ICO Journal things like:

“Without giving away details you can expect our team to further attempt to develop relationships with global influencers and brands. The way that we look at it, what is the downside? We will make all sorts of attempts and all that can occur is that they say ‘no thanks’? The Tron community has shown us that even those attempts are worth the effort…”

With another source telling ICO Journal:

“We know an opportunity when we see it and this is one of them. We are working on more ‘visible’ partnerships and deeper and larger sponsorships and can be a part of our overall message. Is there one way we’d describe the Tron Storm here? We’d just say ‘thank you’ to the whole Tron community.”

To recap: Tron liked OTS so much that it already has started working on “visible” partnerships with influencers and brands. They have the star-power to pull off what I hoped we could do with Taylor Swift a little over a month ago. (God… a month… that’s it. How much has changed!?)

So, great news and things, but where does that leave Operation Tron Storm’s efforts?

Because things were monumentally far more influential than we could have ever dreamed, we need to step back and do some reassessment. We were going to be about reaching out to the public and to influencers. We thought doing just that part would take several coordinated efforts over a longer period of time. Wonderfully, it didn’t.

As things have played out, we think it’s a better idea to let the Foundation run with their plans for the time being and perhaps guide us on where OTS’ efforts best could support their efforts. In the meantime, though, we’re also going to work internally on identifying ways we can use our new platform and voice to best serve the Tron community.

We already have some pretty good ideas.

That said, let’s talk about that bounty.

The Kanye bounty – as part of the OTS rollout, is still in effect. We haven’t gotten the specific response we had hoped for from conducting the bounty, but while we are eyeing our new strategies for the future, we want to give the bounty a totally fair shake instead of it sorta filtering away into the nothingness.

So, the bounty will remain open until midnight (U.S. Central Time) Saturday, Sept. 1. It will close at that time. Later on Saturday, we will also announce a new program we think will work well with the growing strategies built around Operation Tron Storm’s spirit. It will involve the community, and we think you’ll like it.

You’ll probably even like it enough to tip.

Watch here and watch us on Twitter for later information.


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Taking Tron to the masses: Introducing Tron Storm

Introducing Tron Storm

It’s time to light up the sky and take Tron to the masses.

Why? Because … like we’ve said in other posts:

You are Tron.

So, without further delay, it’s time to unleash the storm. Welcome to helping decentralize the Internet. Welcome to Operation TRON STORM.

The concept is simple. Think “Community Air Drop.” Except, include @Goseedit, who is collaborating with TRON STORM, and we thank them for their support.

Now, here’s where you come in:

Each person will “Tip” five (5) TRX tokens to 10 people using @Goseedit (as soon as it becomes available on Twitter!) on a specific day we will announce soon.That way, we create an immediate groundswell and watch the effects ripple out.

Operation Tron Storm: Who do you tip?

Five of the people you tip will be your five FAVORITE music artists. We want to get the word out to them that TRON is a decentralized network, thus allowing musicians COMPLETE control over their work.

The next five people you will send to are those NOT currently in crypto right now. By looking at someone’s Twitter account, it’s fairly easy to tell if they are in crypto (ha!).

The reason we are asking for this specifically is because the goal is to introduce the masses to the world of TRX and music and entertainment professionals the world of true content ownership.

@Goseedit has provided excellent detailed information (see the video below). Also, the awesome team over there automatically includes Tron and Wallet set-up information with every tip you send. How cool is that for your friends!

However, it will be YOUR job to follow up with everyone you send a tip to. The more you help these people understand what they just received, the more successful this will be.

More information will be coming as to when Operation Tron Storm will be launched. This is a very exciting step for mass adoption, and we’re thrilled to try and help spread the Tron message. It is a movement that we, the Tron Community, are making happen!

Wolf, Mob, & Kitchen (with a special thanks to @padub81 for the extra insight!)


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Bitcoin just stumbled; will Tron (and others) push it out of the way?

We’re in bloggy territory here, right? So, let’s break from an air of reporting and columnizing and just shoot the breeze for a second.

It’s been a while since I last posted. That’s what happens when you welcome a new daughter to the world. She doesn’t sleep much when she’s supposed to, but pretty sure she’s a keeper. Even if she’s already proven capable of firing off biological weapons when diapers aren’t on.

On that note, let’s talk about something else that stunk up the place the past few days.

Just what the hell was the mix-up regarding Bitcoin and Starbucks? I watched the headlines roll out before everybody and their dog blamed the media for a supposed mix-up that first said crypto currencies such as Bitcoin could soon be used for coffee things. Then, Starbucks comes back and decafs everybody by saying you won’t. Instead, you’ll be able to use an exchange to convert crypto into dollars that then can be used for Starbucks.

On a excited scale from 1-10, that news ranked -2009 Satoshis.

What that news also did for me, however, is point out the core issue with Bitcoin – something I hadn’t quite been able to wrap my head around until now.

Everyone wants to see Bitcoin increase in value again, but mass adoption has become the game and nobody knows to make that work with Bitcoin at this point. It’s like they’re just hoping interest picks up again.

Some want it as a currency. Others want it as some sort of investment safehaven like gold or silver. Others still just want to see it get adopted in the general public marketplace. And, there always will be the group that doesn’t care nuthin’ ’bout nuthin’ except for when the next BTC bull will run.

The more I watch, the more it seems there really isn’t a strategy other than wishful thinking that demand for Bitcoin will again go up someday – with a limited supply again driving a huge demand for no good reason at all. Supporters and investors are simply hoping somebody decides to inject Bitcoin into the general marketplace because, “Hey, everybody knows Bitcoin…of course, it will go up again!”

Bitcoin has been the front-runner for a long time and probably will be for a while longer. It had a giant head start. But, other coin and blockchain producers have realized there has to be something behind the currency (and all the value that comes with it) to drive it. It has to be a solution provider.

Ripple gets that like few others. And, so does Tron.

Tron has presented itself as a blockchain solution provider first and foremost – with tokens coming in second. And, in the past year — especially in the past few months — quick digging sees an increasing number of Upside Down-like vines tentacled out from Justin Sun’s creation. Nodes are growing on the system daily, and so are wallets. Businesses around the world are beginning to accept Tron as payment.

As I said on Twitter recently, Tron isn’t trying to be part of “a” system. It wants to be the whole system. The coins are nice because they give investors a chance to grab the moving train, but the real power comes from a fast-building network.

Shit is everywhere, man. And, it’s growing.

So, Starbucks, you want to go ahead and make the next logical grande move to actually accepting crypto for your overpriced drinks? Tron is already making that life easy.

You should look into it.


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Cause of death: Twitter Bull Run; The deceased: The ICO Journal

Over the past five years, Twitter really hasn’t changed much in the way people use it. Sure, communities are better defined (because we all now know how to hashtag), and there is never a shortage of anonymous tough guys and girls (because…yeah). But, all in all, the platform really hasn’t offered anything new or shocking.


Even as someone who has served professionally in public relations, marketing, communications, and full-time media roles, it blows my mind, more now than ever, when a brand proves it has zero clue how to use Twitter (or social media in general).

The latest regrettable* example: The ICO Journal.

*Regrettable only because it was wholly preventable. Then again, ol’ Chuck Darwin has an award named after him for a reason. And, at some point, it just gets hard to feel bad for uncoordinated folks who believe they can outmaneuver raging bulls.

So, what caused all of this?

On Tuesday, over several hours, The ICO Journal’s Twitter controller cannonballed like a champ into a shallow pool and hit his or her ass flat on the bottom – from both a journalistic and social media management view point – beginning with this:

Several followers who didn’t appreciate the “dummy” label soon chimed in, and that number grew to many in short order. Meanwhile, the Journal account didn’t seem to mind the new attention, doubling down on that comment with other colorful adjectives to describe Tron enthusiasts they find to be offensive:

It continued, but really, what’s the point in a play-by-play at this stage. It comes down to this: nobody likes a self-important, condescending jerk – especially when there isn’t a good reason for it. And, the result (as of this writing) was a Tron-crowd-led bull run over the account and decrease in about 300 followers.

Earlier, I said this was all wrong from two points of view: journalistic and social media management. Let’s chat about those.

The tweet that began the entire fiasco – even prior to calling out Tron fans – was actually a retweet from a known Tron antagonist (I just joined the crypto community in April, and I’ve already seen the originator blocked by several others) who wanted to peddle a conspiracy theory as hot news and found a willing audience in the ICO Journal account manager.

Instead of (at the very least) vetting the information source and (at least pretending to try) finding more information, the IOC Journal posted it as a “maybe/might have/if/could be possible” rumor.

That flies under my personal level of comfort if I’m running a branded media account. Then again, they all have different standards, you know, like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman – who would do everything but kiss on the mouth.

However … then it got Richard-Gere-just-called-you-a-whore ugly.

Immediately, instead of promising to dig more or work to validate the claim, the account then turned the burden of proof on the public and chose to believe that because nobody would play their game and answer with hard evidence that their conspiracy wasn’t true, then it must be a real something.

(Never mind you spent most of the afternoon rolling around in an unnecessary wrestling match while the entire crypto world had its best day in months. Silly.)

Oy vey.

Look, account person, the public isn’t the media. It isn’t the public’s job to do your job. If you believe there is a question to be answered, a case to be solved, etc., it’s on you. Otherwise, you’re lazy and doing a disservice to your brand and the beat you cover. Or, you’re just gossip.

I don’t think that’s what you’re after, ICO Journal, so do better. Your shrinking audience deserves the best effort you can give.

As for the social media management side, everyone wants to be the master snark these days, don’t they? I hate to break it to you, but not everybody is Wendy’s Twitter. From what I’ve watched, you certainly aren’t, so maybe ease up on the snark since it seems like it might be your Mogwai. You just aren’t ready for the task of using snarky humor in your tweets.

Grow up. Learn some responsibility in your role as a crypto and blockchain info source. And, maybe, just maybe, we’ll see you and Gizmo all grown up in a sequel.


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