#OperationTronStorm: Where do the winds take it from here?

“Now it seems to me some fine things have been laid upon your table …”

Who knew.

Who could have seen what this past week’s events would bring inside both the Tron community and the crypto community at large?

I suppose I should start with the obvious in the successful launch of #OperationTronStorm. I mean … it’s been a week, and I’ve been a part of some big campaigns and events in my life, but, holy Moses … I never saw this coming. And if anyone tells you they did, they’re lying.*justin-sun-tron-operation-tron-storm

*(Not a little lie, a big one. Like, let’s say I told people I didn’t know my lawyer paid for my porn stars but then later I tell you I actually was the one who paid for the porn stars. That kind of big lie.)

The response from the Tron community was more than we could have asked. And, it’s only grown since the first day. More and more people are using @goseedit. Tron Wallet numbers are spiking. Tron and other coins are changing hands at an enormous rate. The crypto media took major notice.

All of it made something explicitly clear to me, even if @wlfofmyst, @mobrules1968 and I built Operation Tron Storm with the thought in mind:

Operation Tron Storm is much, much larger than any one individual. The community spirit of sharing crypto and blockchain technology with the masses belongs to everyone who wants it.

But, as fantastic as it all was, is, and I believe will continue to be, it was a pinnacle of sorts when we found out that the Tron Foundation and Justin Sun were aware of the campaign.

And, they liked it.

And later, someone(s) from inside the Foundation told the ICO Journal things like:

“Without giving away details you can expect our team to further attempt to develop relationships with global influencers and brands. The way that we look at it, what is the downside? We will make all sorts of attempts and all that can occur is that they say ‘no thanks’? The Tron community has shown us that even those attempts are worth the effort…”

With another source telling ICO Journal:

“We know an opportunity when we see it and this is one of them. We are working on more ‘visible’ partnerships and deeper and larger sponsorships and can be a part of our overall message. Is there one way we’d describe the Tron Storm here? We’d just say ‘thank you’ to the whole Tron community.”

To recap: Tron liked OTS so much that it already has started working on “visible” partnerships with influencers and brands. They have the star-power to pull off what I hoped we could do with Taylor Swift a little over a month ago. (God… a month… that’s it. How much has changed!?)

So, great news and things, but where does that leave Operation Tron Storm’s efforts?

Because things were monumentally far more influential than we could have ever dreamed, we need to step back and do some reassessment. We were going to be about reaching out to the public and to influencers. We thought doing just that part would take several coordinated efforts over a longer period of time. Wonderfully, it didn’t.

As things have played out, we think it’s a better idea to let the Foundation run with their plans for the time being and perhaps guide us on where OTS’ efforts best could support their efforts. In the meantime, though, we’re also going to work internally on identifying ways we can use our new platform and voice to best serve the Tron community.

We already have some pretty good ideas.

That said, let’s talk about that bounty.

The Kanye bounty – as part of the OTS rollout, is still in effect. We haven’t gotten the specific response we had hoped for from conducting the bounty, but while we are eyeing our new strategies for the future, we want to give the bounty a totally fair shake instead of it sorta filtering away into the nothingness.

So, the bounty will remain open until midnight (U.S. Central Time) Saturday, Sept. 1. It will close at that time. Later on Saturday, we will also announce a new program we think will work well with the growing strategies built around Operation Tron Storm’s spirit. It will involve the community, and we think you’ll like it.

You’ll probably even like it enough to tip.

Watch here and watch us on Twitter for later information.


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