“When Tron moon?”: The fastest way to make other crypto people hate you

“When Tron moon?”

Having only really gotten into crypto and blockchain a few months ago, I feel like I should be the one asking this kind of question. You know, when stupid is still infant baby cute.

Then again, I can read.

If they’ve not done anything else (and they have, of course), Tron and Justin Sun have made perfectly clear that they want to break the Internet be profitable and enjoyed over the long term – going as far as throwing out a decades-long plan for folks to chew on. (Years? Decades? Oh God… the horror!)

It also has become clear that many people don’t like to read that information, actually listen to the video media events, or pay attention to researched quotes and business moves floated among the Twitter crypto community. Many people never get past crummy, click bait headlines. which sadly makes sense considering the human attention span now checks in at slightly shorter than a goldfish.

And, it all leads back to the idiot investor’s mantra:

“When Tron moon?”

Tron hasn’t tried to be (and has never given the impression it will) like other cryptos that pumped, dumped, and dazzled like Stormy Daniels. Tron wants to be me-love-you-long-time sexy like Betty White. And, who doesn’t love Betty White?

The ideals and plans in place for Tron – the ones we’ve been privy to at this point, anyways – all have been geared for weaving the blockchain into the future commerce fabric. It was never about hoping for a lightning-in-a-bottle DApp. It never will be. It’s vision is that Tron will be the whole damn SYSTEM – one charged with loads of lightning.

Sun has tried pushing his vision so much that even I’ve gotten a little “okay, man … slow your marketing roll a bit.” But, I say that as someone who is beginning to understand the scope of this project. I don’t need the constant updates; not because I’m smart or annoyed but because the daily public updates don’t matter now.

Those who need to know about Tron; they do know because this developer’s paradise has been marketed well. Investors … they’ll come on their own just fine because real investors constantly research. (Sun has done his part already in setting up umpteen exchange partnerships and making TRX available in a load of different places.)

So if Betty White is hot, here comes the naked Bea Arthur cold-water bath: You have to HODL.

You have to forget your investment for a while. Enjoy the announcements. Check in once in a while. Keep the thought in the back of your head. But, overall, forget the daily check-in to see if you can say angry things to your boss as you quit.

You have to because if you thought hodling has been hard the past 6-8 months, remember John Paul Jones’ line from 1779 – which might be slightly adjusted for today. You’re going to need it as you protect your Tron for months, or even years.

“I have not yet begun to Hodl!” 

Or something like that.


What topics would you like to read about as we all grow with Crypto, Tron, and all the rest? Shoot an email to kitchenski@gmail.com with “Blog idea” in your subject line, or find me on Twitter at twitter.com/curtiskitchen. And, FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Tron (TRX) and Ripple (XRP) investor. I am not a financial advisor. This content should not be used as a base for or considered to be financial advice.


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