Crypto industry has the ‘Tutes?

Crypto media foolishly mixing it up with readers (and later apologizing). An old, crusty, crypto-dumb politician who has your best interest at heart and isn’t hypocritical at all yelling at a crypto dog to get off his paper money lawn.

Boy, it’s been a bit feisty in Crypto world lately.

So, how about we break off from that a bit and focus on a bit of interesting discussion that appeared via the Twitters on Thursday:

The article in that tweet — Institutional Investors Brought In 56% Of Capital At This Bitcoin (BTC) And Crypto Management Fund — doesn’t really need explanation, does it?

Whale talk, to me, has always seemed to conjure dreams of shadowy figures in dark corners of the Internet. Not really because I think those folks are bad people (unlike @BradSherman, who you should Tweet…he likes that), but because I couldn’t ever be sure of who or where the funds were coming from.

That’s all changing.

The Crypto world has the 'Tutes


Crypto discussion this week wasn’t happening just on Reddit, or Twitter, or Facebook among enthusiasts. Instead, hearings happened on Capitol Hill. The SEC just got an open letter. Crypto also has shown of late in government white papers in the United Kingdom as a solution. It’s popping up as a payment option in Iranian hotels and Spanish taxis and coffee shops. India has a Supreme Court fight on its hands. Malta wants to be “Blockchain Island”. I’m not giving up my campaign of Taylor Swift becoming the face of Tron. (RT this article to @taylorswift13 … tell her she should.)

The conversation feels so different now compared to before, when it was “oh, what’s that coin over there? Why’s it worth so much?” It’s now, “How do we, as ‘X’ nation, use the technology and currency?”

Real questions + real discussions = eventual real answers and adoption.

Jesus H. it feels nice to say that out loud.

Feels even nicer to know, if we go back to that referenced tweet graphic above, that governments are having those talks not because they want to, but because they are being asked to. It’s being demanded. All the way down to something specific like ETF funds. Big, fat, hairy, swinging institutional money wants in, in earnest, so it is demanding structure from the politicians it helps put in those seats.

So yeah, Crypto has a deep rumbling in its belly. It definitely has the ‘Tutes.

And it feels like it’s just a matter of time before sh….uh… profit winds hit the institutional fan.


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