Dear Taylor Swift, your music rights unicorn is alive. Its name is Tron.

Dear Taylor,

This letter probably comes 3.5 years too late, but better late than never, right?

In the middle of 2014, you asked Wall Street Journal readers where the music industry would be in 20, 30, or 50 years. You opined that “music should not be free, and my prediction is that individual artists and their labels will someday decide what an album’s price point is.”

Taylor, you finally have a way to cut through the noise of piracy and artists not getting what they deserve. That way is Tron.

You were willing, at that point, to be the example in your industry by pulling your music off of Spotify. (We also know you went back on that later, but hey, business happens.)

Your point was solid then, and it’s better now. Why? Because the technology you, and all artists, desperately wanted and needed in order to protect what’s yours – and be paid for it – now exists. It’s called Tron. (Hollywood is watching after Tron bought BitTorrent, if you hadn’t heard that.)

What does Tron do? It cuts out middle men. It lets you sell your art directly to your fans at the price they and you deserve. It cuts down piracy, finally.

You need Tron. It has the scale to handle your fan base’s requests. It has smart contracts that leave you in control of pricing – and getting paid for every download. It is a blockchain system built for the entertainment industry. It is the content unicorn you dreamed about years ago.

And Tron needs you. You see, because you were smart enough and brave enough to buck the system in 2014, and because you are you – a transcendent, world-loved, public-reaching icon – you are the perfect person to take Tron to the larger general public. Right now, Tron founder Justin Sun is doing great work as a marketer, but he’ll never have your appeal. For many reasons.

This is the cause you picked up in 2014. This is your chance to drive the point home with a real-life example of how things could be so much better for artists going forward.

This is proving to remaining doubters how serious this is to you and how you are a true industry leader.

This is your moment.

There’s no way around calling it one, but I didn’t write this to be a pitch letter. I wrote this as someone who sees a way for you to carry your flag up the last part of the hill. You started this thing. You finally have a way to finish it, and finish it in only a way that you, Taylor Swift, can.

As a content producer myself, I’m pulling for you to do so.




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14 thoughts on “Dear Taylor Swift, your music rights unicorn is alive. Its name is Tron.

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