TRON: Welcome, new user, to the new Internet!


Hello, new Tron user!

You’re probably wondering … what was that video I just watched? What in the world is a Tron? And, how did I wind up here?

You’re here because the person who identified and tipped you on Twitter believes you’re a perfect candidate to get a sneak peek into how the Internet is changing.

It’s quickly moving on from the powerful companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon that control everyone’s information – until data gets compromised. On that front, the Internet is also figuring out how to solve its own security and hacking problems.

In short, an Internet storm is brewing — Operation Tron Storm to be specific — and you now have a front-row seat!

Tron is a new platform built on transparency, a digital currency, a tight-knit community, and the core belief that the Internet’s power shouldn’t be held by a select few companies. It should be open and free on a level playing field for all users – you, us, our favorite entertainers, online communities, investors, developers, gamers, you name it.


That’s why the person who just tagged and tipped you did what they did. They want you in the community.

So, first thing’s first… because you were tipped, what does that mean?

It means you now already have an official Tron wallet already set up for you, along with your first five TRX tokens! (TRX is the Tron coin – one that is increasingly being used in different ways around the world and in the United States!)

From here, you should:

  1. Access your wallet over at by following these instructions. After that, you can explore and learn more about all of the things Tron is and will be.
  2. Next, explore a little. Find out what the platform is and how you can do things like buy more Tron, invest what you have into projects, and take part in elections. It’s all available to you!
  3. Next, check out this Google search for Tron and read some current news. Trust us, there’s more every day!
  4. And finally, if you have questions or want some guidance, ask the person who tipped you originally. They want to help you and see you get excited about Tron like they are (and we are!). We’re not kidding when we say it’s a community! (And, you’re already able to go out and tip others!)

Finally, if you want to hear from Tron’s creator, Justin Sun, what this whole Tron thing is about, watch this:

And, if none of that seems to quite hit what you’re looking for, you can always find us on Twitter or Telegram. We love those places!

So, are you ready to start your TRON tipping adventure?

Let’s go!


Wolf, Mob, & Kitchen


Have a tip?

What topics would you like to read about as we all grow with Crypto, Tron, and all the rest? Shoot an email to with “Blog idea” in your subject line, or find me on Twitter at

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And, FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Tron (TRX) investor. I am not a financial advisor. This content should not be used as a base for or considered to be financial advice.


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