“Breaking news”: Justin Sun’s tricky marketing relationship triangle with the Tron community and the general public

Marketing has been Tron founder Justin Sun’s best friend in the company’s first year.

He used it to build an enthused community (some taking it to cultish levels, even) that no other crypto or blockchain can boast.

(He’s also been accused of leading a fraud coin. More than a few have crowned him as crypto’s overlord of overhype; the prince of price pumping. And, of course, something between a liar and plagiarist (hi, Vitalik).)

However, it’s that same community that proved its willing to eat anything and anyone when provoked – including Tron HODL purists or even Sun himself. And, there may be no good way to put that monster back in its cage. The beast has become entitled – no longer satisfied with Sun’s announcements to the public.

Despite it all, Sun has kept Tron on course.

In a year, Tron has proven capable of being far more than a sturdy platform or interesting coin. It has caused people to dream about a different Internet and all the different ways an investor might get paid in the future.

What’s allowed those dreams to happen is Sun’s transparent marketing, and if he’s had a flaw it has been wanting to share too much.

You can be mad that he shares too much. You can also be mad (foolishly) if you believe Tron isn’t delivering fast enough for your tastes.

But, you don’t get to do both. You don’t get to follow Sun and Tron, and see everything the company is achieving in the timeframe it is, research and read about breakthrough partnerships and future plans through inside information articles or Sun tweets, and then complain when those same announcements happen to be the official announcement to the general public.

You didn’t get screwed. You were informed and rewarded for you research efforts. You should revel in that.

Since the announcement, I’ve read reactions that range from asking Sun to stop communicating (not gonna happen) and asking Tron to develop a marketing team (I’m guessing a multi-billion dollar company likely has one), to telling people they should vote out Sun as a Super Representative as a penalty for not delivering enough in his announcement. (I… what?!?)

Guys, c’mon.

Those reactions would be better-suited (I’m not saying deserved, I’m saying better suited if you chose to go down that road) for things like when Sun made a crude joke tweet while announcing Tron’s involvement with Pornhub. (I did write about his responsibility after that.)

Sun’s announcing to the world how he plans to use BitTorrent isn’t one of those things. He did what he needed to do to help push his product to the masses. It’s exactly what you should hope he continues to do in order to put Tron’s name in as many mouths as possible.

It’s a little disjointed to end, but my last thought is this:

If you’re sweating the tenths-of-a-cent swing that resulted from news that you already knew, you’re doing it wrong; especially if you believe Tron will someday achieve the prices you’re dreaming about.


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And, FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Tron (TRX) investor. I am not a financial advisor. This content should not be used as a base for or considered to be financial advice.


9 thoughts on ““Breaking news”: Justin Sun’s tricky marketing relationship triangle with the Tron community and the general public

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