Klever roadmap, KFI vs. KLV, and decisions, decisions

Instead of its highly anticipated Exchange, Klever just released its updated roadmap – one absolutely stuffed with eye candy.

Headlined with the KFI governance token mining event set for March 22, Klever laid out its vision through the beginning of 2023, the next 24 months essentially, and included tantalizing items such as: Klever Exchange, Klever Browser, updated iterations of the wallet (including a hardware version), Klever Bank, Klever Blockchain, Wealth Management, a brand new addition in a “Klever Phone”, and more.

What’s not to like in that list, right?

Still, the cynic in me, which is sometimes louder than I’d prefer, wondered if there wasn’t a bit of promotional gamesmanship going on here. In a sort of “look over there”, one could entertain the thought that the company wanted to save face and maintain its month-long swell of positive momentum with a long list of shiny stuff. (I realize I’m walking a tightrope above a pool of hypocrisy here. I wrote, and supported, the company’s openness in saying its products would only be released when ready, public deadline be damned. I still do support that stance, but it doesn’t quiet my competing thoughts. Hey, I’m allowed to think things out from different angles! 🙂 )

Klever co-founder Dio Ianakiara took to Twitter soon after to announce the exchange will soon be open for testing.

“#Klever Exchange will be ready for open beta on April 30,” Ianakiara tweeted. “@klever_io will be selecting 100 users for iOS & 100 users for Android to exclusively test what is set to become the fastest exchange on the market, able to process 3M transactions per second.”

Though its previously impeccable on-time delivery record is no longer so, Klever seemed not only successful in its attempt to keep public sentiment in its favor, but actually increased enthusiasm in the Klever community. (How much that speaks to how this community is just as tribal as so many others in crypto Twitter is a topic for a different time.)

And then, before the fire emojis had even been given a chance to fully burn, Klever also announced Thursday morning that the KLV token will be available in the “Chinese and South East Asian markets” through BW.com beginning on March 22 – the same date as the beginning of the three-day KFI mining event.

So, with the Exchange launch now fully off the March calendar, all attention turns to the KFI vs. KLV debate. I step back and think about how Klever, just ahead of the mining event, just offered more to think about in terms of what the long-term may bring. And, I think about the dilemma I stated just a day ago on Twitter:

“You have a perfectly positioned utility token with unlimited use-case potential vs. well-reasoned belief in a potential infinite passive income from a future monster @klever_io blockchain.”

A lot of Holders are struggling with how to proceed in the mining event, and today’s fantastic growth news, ironically, probably doesn’t help those who are completely torn.

So, without offering ANY financial advice, I offer my thought process after chewing on this for several days.

I don’t think either direction is a wrong option. Both will provide income results – just one will be a much shorter-term play in comparison to the other fully long-term play. I think that will be the case regardless of amount one would put toward KFI. Provided things go right in terms of Klever’s own product growth and hope that projects will come to the Klever Blockchain, future dividends would eventually pay back the investment in full and move to profit for as long as the blockchain continues to yield monetary results. Still, that’s a hard KFI pill to swallow when the short-term KLV pill feels like it will provide a tantalizingly big ROI in quicker fashion.

Again, not advice, just thoughts. And, I’d love to hear yours in comments.

Finally, switching to a 50,000-foot view communications point of interest for me after all of Thursday’s revelations: Beware the future hype monster you might not be able to feed some day.

Right now, in a pure growth phase, it is easy to find lots of positive news to cover for what, admittedly, will be a forgotten small delay blip on the long-term radar. The Klever Exchange will happen, and it will be great when it does. But, as the company matures out of the growth phase and subsequent early buzz fades, that kind of positive cover won’t always be there and attention may focus more on missing a key stated deadline. Just food for thought …

Note: I am a KLV holder, yes, but I am definitely in it for the tech. This project’s ideals speak to my wish for all humans to have a more equal footing in this world we share.


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