#OperationTronStorm hits early success; and we have to take out some trash

Suffice to say, #OperationTronStorm has been a success.

It gave @goseedit great exposure for its fantastic tipping tool. It proved real-world use for the Tron community. And, it spurred some really creative usage among tippers – including entertainers, government leaders, upcoming livestream performances, and lots more.

Truly, it has been special to see just how giving so many people are willing to be and how energetic they are about helping tell the world that there is a new, better way to conduct transactions with digital currency.

And yet … even the prettiest of unicorns can still have a sore anus.

Unfortunately, that anus proved to be infected and irritating on Monday in the form of a Twitter user who felt the need to, over the course of many tweets, disparage Operation Tron Storm and the Tron Community’s well-intentioned efforts to push the public relations outreach campaign.

They even went as far as to throw unveiled accusations of theft of coins by our group.

Every bit of my professional public relations and business sense has told me to ignore such trolls and let the project’s good works prove our group’s intentions – both now and long-term. But, there are also times when it isn’t about taking higher roads or living by every public relations best practice.

Sometimes, you just have to stop, turn, stare down the bully, and punch them in the face.

Guys and gals, those of you who have followed @wlfofmyst, @mobrules1968, or me for any amount of time know that this project has always been about one thing: encouraging people to learn about and use Tron. We asked for you to donate/tip a small amount of Tron, directly to people you wanted to include, true. We asked you to tip people that, true, may not ever respond or use it in the future. We did so in the hope that it *might* turn into a superstar’s endorsing Tron now or in the future because that helps everybody – from you and me all the way up to Justin Sun himself.

But, there’s nothing more to it than that. Period. And to insinuate anything contrary is incorrect and awful.

Also incorrect was the Tweeter’s conclusion that a campaign like Operation Tron Storm isn’t necessary because Tron already is the most talked about crypto on Twitter. That’s like putting a drop of water in a dry pool and saying it’s safe to dive in. If anything, it is an example of a severe lack of awareness.

Folks, as awesome and inspiring the past weekend was, it was a small start, not the big finish. True, Tron has smoked every other crypto in Twitter mentions the past few days. But, it didn’t crack Twitter hashtag mentions overall, and to date from what I can tell anyways, nobody mainstream in culture or journalism has picked up the message.

It just hasn’t happened … yet. Work remains to be done because, no, everybody doesn’t already know about Tron. Not yet.

What happened on Monday wasn’t good. It wasn’t productive. It didn’t help anybody. But, our responses were necessary because accusations of theft are never okay — especially in this environment.

So with that said … it’s time to move on and get back to doing what we love. Look for new Operation Tron Storm events in the coming days, and keep telling others about Tron, @goseedit, and the growing list of awesome projects set to fly off the Tron production chain.

Let’s keep collaborating and keep aiming to accomplish something great for the community.

Remember that the super awesome bounty for Kanye West is still open, and that every time you tip someone new a new Tron Wallet is created. And lastly, know that the spike in new accounts over the weekend was a super direct result of your high-level participation in Operation Tron Storm.


Wolf, Mob, & Kitchen


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And, FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Tron (TRX) investor. I am not a financial advisor. This content should not be used as a base for or considered to be financial advice.


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